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Robinson Deep (2016)

A landfill is a transformation of space and nature throughout time. It is a very visible transformation however it is preferred to be made invisible.

In South Africa the majority of waste is being brought to landfill sites. Robinson Deep is the biggest landfill in Johannesburg with around 1.800 tons of waste a day and the capacity is almost reached. The landfill opened in 1933 just outside the city center and has a remaining life span of two years, until 2020. The manager, Desmond Manneson says there is no space anywhere else and the only solution is recycling but not enough awareness is being raised about it. Since provided recycling machines are not ready for usage the only hope are 70 on-site reclaimers, all men from various backgrounds and ages who recycle an average of 2% of daily incoming waste. Despite the importance of recycling, the reclaimers feel that their profession is widely being treated with contempt and miss the support in their communities. Hence the majority keeps it a secret and tell the families and friends lies about their source of income.

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